Thursday, June 9, 2011


Organization  and having your own space  to work is the key to making great cards. Last night  I rearranged my spare room to organize all of my stamping and card making things.  I used to have to take everything out   to make cards.  Then when I was finished I would pack everything back up and have to put it all away.  I know by having to do it this way I did not make cards near as much as I wanted had wanted  to.  It takes a lot of work  and was tiring to get it all out and have to put it away in the same sitting.  I  would think is it even worth it? It is also very time consuming digging through all my bins to find that certain stamp set or those specific colored eyelets or whatever you were looking for.  There were times where I   had  some great ideas but I wanted something specific, by the time I found what I was looking for the ideas or the inspiration I had was gone.   So I really thing that organization is important.  I am so looking forward to sitting down  and getting in some serious handmade card making . It was great I went through all of my stuff and I found things that I forgot I even had.  It was just like shopping!  Now that   I have everything all in order , I hope to be stamping and making cards like crazy  so  I can share with you some of my ideas, techniques,  favorite things, and just some handmade cards with you.  I would love any feedback and can’t wait to hear from you. 

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