Monday, June 6, 2011

Handmade Cards Ideas

Hey everyone my name is Mik and I started making homemade cards about 9 years ago.. I love to make my own cards and I want to share some cards, ideas, and different techniques (or styles), and just some of my favorite products with you.  Maybe since this is my first post I  will tell you a story about myself so you can get to know me a little.  I am very cheap when it comes to buying cards (I have not bought a card from a store in many,  many years) from the store.  I would go and pick the cheapest one I could find.  I didn't really care what it looked like.  Now when myself or someone in my family recieves a store bought card for whatever occasion I have to look at the back and see how much it cost.  I'm like I can't believe they spent $5.00 on this.  I could have made a much better card than this.  Then I laugh because I will spare no expense when it comes to buying a new tool, cool paper, or whatever it is I see and want for my card ideas.  Oh well what's a girl to do??  I know firsthand that you can never have too much card making stuff.  (Don't ask my husband about that.)

The first handmade card idea was inspired by the next holiday, 4th of July .  As you can see it is a pretty simple card.  The technique for this idea was tearing or ripping the paper.  I thought what a cute idea tearing the paper to look something similar to the flag.  I then stamped the blue and red stars and tore around them also followed by the word celebrate.  This card really could be used for any number of occasions around the 4th.  For this handmade card I used all Stampin Up supplies.  The paper colors are Real Red and Brilliant Blue as well as the stamp pad colors.  The stars are from the set Scribbles and the word celebrate is from the Wonderful Words set.  I hope this card will  give you some new ideas of your own.

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  1. I really like the Red, White and Blue - Nice personal touch.