Saturday, June 11, 2011

Creativity and Ideas

Hey everyone  I hope the day is going well .  Here I am trying to create some masterpieces for cards.    I am  just curious but am wondering how this works for you guys.  I can sit down and have what I think are some great ideas in my head  .  So I get started and  I am stamping or layering, cutting or whatever my idea involves and I end up with this hideous  homemade card.  So I then make some changes.  I try different colors or I  change the card around maybe add a layer of something or take one away and I come up with something even worse.  So I try yet again to make some  more changes.  This time I will turn the card and have it open the opposite direction.  I might now try and add  some embellishments  eyelets,  brads ,  wire, or something and it gets even worse.  So if this  happens to me  it  is time to quit for the day. I should run far away from my stamping room.    I can then come back the next day with no ideas in mind and just start trying different things and I come up with this really cool card.  So like I said does this happen to everyone or just me? Do some days you have creativity and some days you don’t?  Where do you get your ideas or inspiration from?  Would love some feedback.

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