Monday, June 13, 2011

My Favorite Products

I  want to tell you  about my favorite products that I use for making handmade cards.  I know that everyone has there own favorite something.  Mine is Stampin Up stuff.  I love the paper ,the ink pads,  the eyelets, the brads,  the markers, the embossing powder, the chalks, the wire and any other colored things.(I’m sure that I’ve missed something.)  I love the products but it has more to do with just the colors of all these  things.  I find that sometimes I sit down   and just look at the different colors of paper and  find a couple that I think go together  and try some ideas.  If  I’m not sure about it  or I don’t think the colors are just right I’ll get out the Stampin Up Color Coach.  This is the greatest thing.   It costs $14.95 but its so worth the money.   For those of you who are not familiar with this,  it’s a handy tool to have .  Find the color you want to use and the wheel will give you coordinating  and complementary colors to go  with your color.  It also gives you dynamic duos.  This wheel is very helpful. It puts together colors that I would have never dreamed of and they look excellent together.  I just love that all their colors match.   Sometimes I think that is half the battle.  Once I get my colored paper picked out then I’ll look which eyelets  match or do I have that color embossing powder . Its also really nice to have the same color paper and ink. You can’t go wrong there.   I would love to hear about any of your favorite product!!

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