Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fishy Friends

Another early morning for me. Lots to do so I am getting my post in early.  My handmade card today again is 5x5.  I used the same stamp set as yesterday called Fishy Friends.  The blue paper is Bashful Blue and the green is Gable Green.  All Stampin Up colors. I really like both colors so I tried to make this card work.  I first stamped the bubbles on the background of the card in Gable Green.     I then stamped each fish and put layers under it.  I am not sure if you can tell but I did stamp bubbles on all the blue paper with the Gable Green.  Next I used my chalks to color the fishes.  After I put the card together it still was a little plain and need something more.  I then used my chalks to give the background a little more color and I added the little colored dots  for breathing bubbles.  It helped some.  So this is all that I could come up with.  Not one of my best ideas or cards but it was cute enough.  Sometimes I think I have  a creativity block and some days every card and idea is great.  I believe I had the block going yesterday.  Hopefully my handmade cards and ideas with be brilliant today.  I guess we will see .  Maybe you’ll want to check back tomorrow.  Lol.  Have a great day!
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